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Thursday, January 10th, 2008

Subject:I'm back!
Time:1:18 am.
Mood: tired.
I think I'm just sticking with LiveJournal because it's less complicated than myspace and facebook. lol I'm too lazy to go back and delete all the old entries though so ignore them, because they're from at least a year ago (and more).

So I figured I'd post a really gay survey to start off, because it's been a while. So here it is, and I'll write more later because I'm exhausted and it's gonna be a long day tomorrow, but a good night! The Victory Drive is playing at Cafe Arabica at 8pm in Morristown. Midori, Christina and I will be there, and you should be too! =) Goodnight!

- - - -

Everything Anyone EVER Wanted to Know About You:





May 26th


Current Location?

Freshman in college

Zodiac Sign?

Chinese Zodiac Sign?

Righty or Lefty?

At the moment, brownish


Skin Color?

[[About You]]

What's Your Family Situation (Parents, Siblings, etc)?
I live with my dad and my grandma doesnt count as a person

Any Pets?
dog Fifi, cat named Coco, bird named Clu Luissant

Favorite Relative?
.....All of them. <3 (Except my grandma)

Least Favorite Relative?
My grandma. Fo sho'.

What's Your Heritage/Race?

Political Affilation?
very liberal

[[Love & Sex]]


Are You In A Relationship Now?
No I am not

If So, With Whom?

For How Long?
18 years.

Are You In Love?
I was once

Do You Have A Crush On Anyone?
Again.....crush? gay.

Ever Had A Crush On Someone Of The Same Sex?
no i have not

How Old Were You When You Had Your First Kiss?
I was......13 or 14???
oh and maybe in preschool lol


If Not, How Old Were You When You Had Sex For The First Time?

Was It Enjoyable?

What's The Farthest You've Ever Gone?
Can you GO farther than that???

Where Do You Most Like To Be Kissed?
On the nose. =] Or on the forehead. Or my mouth. lol

Best Love Quote?
There are a lot, but my favorite from Marilyn Monroe would have to be:
"It's a woman's spirit and mood a man has to
stimulate in order to make sex interesting. The
real lover is the man who can thrill you by touching
your head, or smiling into your eyes or just....
staring into space."

* . . Who was the last person to . . *

Say HI to you? my dad
Tell you, I love you? Millie
Kiss you? Andi
Hug you? Midori
Tell you BYE? Mommy
Write you a note? Wifey #2
Take your photo? Kristin
Call your cell phone? I dont know, it was 2 months ago
Buy you something? Kristin
Go with you to the movies? Mommy
Sing to you? Jamie
Write a poem about you? i dont know lol
Text message you? jamie
Touch you? in what way hahaha

* . . Can You . . *

Write with both hands? not well with my left lol
Whistle? yesm
Blow a bubble? mhmmm
Roll your tounge in a circle? yupyup
Cross your eyes? yeah lol
Touch your tounge to your nose? no =(
Dance? a little. more when im drunk
Gleek? what????
Stay up a whole night without sleep? yeah sometimes
Speak a different language? a little bit of french
Impersonate someone? a few people lol
Make a card pyramid? a small one
Cook anything? i love to cook =)

[[Friends And Words: Associate Them]]

Pen: ???

Flower: Jeffrey

Pink: Dan

Window: Jenny

Heart: Merr

Mother: Christina & Nicole

Bread: Kristin

Insane: Duffy

Sunglasses: Andi

Pimp: Christina

Cross: Priscilla

Car: Manny

Music: Mike

[[This Or That]]

Boxers or Briefs?

Thongs or G-Strings?

Shorts or Pants?

Shoes or Barefeet?

Books or Movies?

Night or Day?

Dark or Light?

Mountains or Beach?
mountains in the fall, beach in the summer & winter

Snow or Sun?

Pepsi or Coke?
coke zero

Guys or Girls?

Swim or Surf?

[[For or Against]]

Gay Marriage? for

Abortion? pro-choice

Bush Getting Re-elected? AGAINST

Suicide? www.twloha.com

War? end it now

Pants? against

Clothes In General? who wears clothes

Penises? absolutely for


Color? black red and white

Number? 13 and 21

Holiday? Christmas & 4th of july

Season? winter & summer

Movie? there are way too many to name, but Cloverfield looks like its gonna be another one of my favorites

Book? "On The Road", Jack Kerouac

Magazine? cosmo

Food? i love salad & vegetables lol

Drink? water, coke, and rum

TV Show? SNL, tila, and the colbert report

Song? there are way too many

Band? again, way too many

Video Game? i dunno, but Mario Party and Guitar Hero are definitely up there right now

Anime/Manga? no

Actor? jimmy stewart, cary grant and johnny depp

Actress? julia roberts & hilary swank

Singer? john lennon and bing crosby lol

Flower? white rose =)

Scent? Lilu

Animal? all animals<3

Cookie? chocolate chip

[[The Future]]

Want To Go To College?
I'm IN college

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?
honestly, i dont know yet. something to do with music

Want To Get Married?

Want To Have Kids?
i dont know yet

What Would Their Names Be?
i like the name Madison

How Many?
2 or 3, if any at all

Where Do You Want To Live?
Jersey, or somewhere in europe.

Where Do You Want To Get Married?
either on the beach or somewhere ridiculous

How Do You Want To Die?
doing something that defines my life

[[More Stuff About You]]


none yet



Do Drugs?

Skinny Dip?

Greatest Fear?
deep dark water & down escalators lol

Chocolate or Vanilla?

Go To Church?
absolutely not


a few here and there, one big one on my left arm

CDs Owned?
plenty, but i stopped buying cd's a while ago

random stuff

Like To Be Naked?

Ever Eaten Sushi?
i love sushi

An Entire Case Of Oreos?
half a case of oreos - that was what we did one night in LBI lol

Been On Stage?

Danced In The Rain?
yeahh :)

Kissed Someone Of The Same Sex?
yeah lol

Weirdest Dream?
there have been a lot, but i really wish i knew the one i was having this morning when i told my dad, in my sleep, that i didnt know what house i was at and that i was drunk

Best Dream?
I pulled a Koala out of the wall.

Saddest Dream?
my dad died. :(

Dream You Most Wish Would Come True?
....i dont know about you, but i think itd be pretty fun to pull a koala out of the wall.

Think You're Attractive?

once or twice a long time ago, and accidentally stole a Rockstar the other day with Andi lol

Been Caught "Doing Something"?
Oh god, funniest moment of my life. mikes mom walked in lol

Weirdest Makeout Place?
weird? i dont know about weird but most random was being pulled in to a bathroom out of nowhere

Best first kiss?
It was recent actually

Like Thunderstorms?
i love thunderstorms

Favorite Shoes?
converse, heels, dc, or gravis

Favorite Quote?
"True knowledge is admitting that you know nothing."

Best Advice Given?
"Sometimes the people who fuck up the worst are the people who deserve to be forgiven."

Worst Advice Given?
".....fuck it."

Favorite Song Lyric?
There are soooo many but....."Champagne smile and a camera flash, liquor on her lips in a bubble bath, finest patterned lines, drug rehab, it's gonna get a little sad. so it the west coast if it makes you smile, i guess its goodbye for a while."

What Quote Says Most About Your Life?
"Time is a companion that goes with us on a journey. It reminds us to cherish
each moment, because it will never come again. What we leave behind is not
as important as how we have lived." - Captain Jean-Luc Picard
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Friday, February 2nd, 2007

Time:10:28 pm.
Mood: happy.
so i realized this old entry was out of date. so lets recap. because im bored & exhausted:

x=yes, /=kinda
[x]been drunk
[x]smoked pot
[x]kissed a member of the opposite sex
[x]rode in a taxi
[/]been dumped
[x]been fired
[x]had a job
[/]been in a fist fight
[x]snuck out of your parents house
[x]been arrested
[x]stole something from your job
[ ]celebrated new years in times square
[ ]went on a blind date
[x]smoked a cigarette
[x]gone on an airplane by yourself
[x]broken a bone
[x]had sex in a car
[x]white lied to a friend
[x]went swimming in your bathtub
[x]had a crush on a teacher
[ ]celebrated mardi gras in new orleans
[X]been to europe
[x]made out in a movie theater
[x]taken caffeine pills
[ ]been to disney world
[x]had a crush on someone you hardly knew
[X]been to california
[x]been skinny dipping
[/]regretted something
[x]peed on someones lawn
[x]skipped school
[x]thrown up from drinking
[ ]lost your sibling
[x]kissed a member of the same sex
[x]been in a car accident
[xxx]partied for days and days straight
[x]had a family member die
[x]played 'clue'
[x]had a sleepover
[x]went ice skating
[x]dropped x
[x]been cheated on
[x]had a boyfriend/girlfriend
[x]had a threesome (once again, don't ask)
[ ]had a sweet sixteen
[ ]had a car

[ ]have a bf
[ ]have a gf
[/]have a crush
[x]have a cat
[x]have your own room
[/]listen to rap
[/]paint your nails
[ ]play a sport
[ ]play more than one sport
[x]watch sports on tv
[/]have a fav group/singer/artist
[x]have more than 1 best friend
[/]get good grades
[X]play an instrument
[x]have slippers
[ ]wear boxers
[x]wear black eyeliner
[/]like the color blue
[x]like the color yellow
[x]like to read
[xx]like to write
[/]have long hair
[ ]have short hair
[x]have a cell phone
[x]have a laptop
[ ]have a pager
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Time:10:15 pm.
I havent used this in about 10 LIGHT years? Yeah? Ok well tonight I gave someone brownies, and this someone, along with a Johnny-someone started talking about LJ. Soooo.....she's BACK! Hahahhaha Oh LJ, how I missed you.

Yeah. Anyway. I guess I should talk about my day here, or something that's bothering me, or something tooootallly amazing I wanna share with the fuckin WORLD. But you know what? No. I'm going to throw on a Dane Cook DVD and go to SLEEP. So goodnight =) Talk to you muther effers tomorrow.<3
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Wednesday, August 9th, 2006

Time:12:04 am.
Mood: lonely.
So tonight was fun. =) Chewy came over for a while and we pretty much just went on myspace & reminisced about bees in my room & pet some mopsies (aka: the dogs). Decided we would go meet Midori&Jason in Closter, but got sidetracked and stopped at Fenner's casa. Turned out, he wasn't there & his mom sent us on an expedition to find him in Haworth at Castle Park to make sure he was still alive or something. lol

So we went back to my house, got my bike, rode to Chewy's house, got HER bike, and rode to Castle Park. Sure enough, he was there. But instead of the worst we were expecting, we found him playing basketball with his friend Joe. So..that was uneventful. But we all got to talk for a while so it was nice that we were all there, talking, together again. =)
picture WAS here.

Then we walked down to Closter (finally) to meet up with Midori & Jason, who ended up being with Tony, Corey, Zach, and Petey. So that was a nice surprise. And we got some milkshakes. Mmmmm. Coldstone. (Thank you Ducky. Poor people love when you buy them icey goodness.)  Then we ran in to Quinn, who I havent seen since he got out of rehab. So that was another nice surprise.


We ran in to Diana! Who we found out is NOT moving to Florida! =)

So we ended up just walking up to Hillside park and sitting there for a while. It was nice. Ducky and I talked a lot about that moment that you finally realize "Wow...when did I grow up?" Because it's like...we're sitting in gravel...or on the swings and we're thinking back like "...when did this stop being our LIFE?" So we called Jamie to clarify the matter. The conversation went something like this:

Me:  Jamie, when was the moment you realized "Wow. I am grown up."?
Mr.James: I'll let you know when it happens.
Me&Ducky: Oh good. Because we just weren't sure about that. Y'know.
Mr.James: Who grows up? Seriously. Stop being productive.
Ducky: I'm only productive when I'm drunk.
Me: What do you do when you're drunk that's so productive?
Ducky: Actually...nothing.
Me: So ...you're not productive?
Mr.James: Me? Not at all. I just mowed the lawn, did the laundry, and I'm on my way out to grab some dinner at Quik Check & do some grocery shopping though. Can I give you a call back in a few?

Conclusion: Even when being productive, as long as you're still drunk & don't know and/or care what it is you're doing...you are NOT grown up, and you are NOT productive. <3

Boardwalk tomorrow with Bernadette & Chewy?
call me - 551 574 1785
Goodnight. =)
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Friday, August 4th, 2006

Subject:Atlantic City: 2006.
Time:3:49 pm.
Mood: hot.

  So Christina and I went to AC this week for an overnight with her mother. (Mmmm. Her mother.) And we were pretty bored just sitting in the air conditioning and resorting to paying $6 for 2 hours of internet on the TELEVISION to go on MYSPACE. So...we went on the boardwalk when her mom disappeared into the casino for what was sure to be atleast 6-7 hours. 
  So we're walking around, and it's hot as BALLS outside and there's just a bunch of shady characters in every direction. I'm talking like, old crippled mentally-ill men vomiting on benches and huuuuge gangster dudes hollerrrring at us and REALLY fuckin weird couples. Like the beached wale and the toothpick. Anyway -

  So we sat allllllll the way at the end of the boardwalk outside House of Blues cause they were playing some pretty good music outside. So we're sitting there, having a cigarette or two, and we see this kid walk by and we're like "Damn. Only normal, slightly-emo kid we've seen in HOURS." And then like 5 mins later he comes back and asks us for a cigarette. So we're like...umm  yeah sure. So he sat down and we talked for a while...learned his name was Daniel..he was from San Antonio, Texas, and he was a 17 yr old highschool drop-out who used to live in a trailer park but now got kicked out of his mother's house and is spending the summer in Jersey with his uncle at Egg Harbor.....Mhmm.

  So then after talking for a while ,we realized this kid was pretty awesome and we all got along like...white...with rice. And so we decided we all needed to find SOMETHING to do. So we end up walking to the beach and sitting in a little private gazebo/pavillion thing, talking, for like an hour or so. Mostly about weed and other inappropriate things of that nature. Haha.  SO ...yeah i know this is a longggg fuckin story. Deal with it.. Hoes. Cause it gets longer.

 So then we're all like "Damn. We be needin' somethin to do, yo." So his uncle calls, and says he's not in their room but there's like 12 beers in the refrigerator. So we're like....fuck yea. So we walk over to the Showboat where he's staying and sure enough, we cant find the effing elevator. So we try maybe 3 or 4 until someone finally points us in the right direction. HOWEVER...whilst we're waiting for this aforementioned elevator...this INSANE black dude comes over and goes "Hey. saidhfiasdfibsf" And Dan's all like "...I have NO idea what you just said, man." And then we get in the elevator and the crazy dudes all like "I love females." and we're like "I'm....17. Not 18. Sorry." and hes like "I LOVE FEMALES!" and im like "Sorry, coincidence, cause I do, too." And so Dan and Christina are losing it, and the guy AGAIN goes "I LOOOOVE FEEEMALES!!!" So I drop to my knees in the "FUCK YEAH IM A ROCKSTAR!" pose and at the top of my lungs, scream "IM A RAGING DYYYYKE!! FUCKYEHHHH!" And the doors close. It was...priceless. To say the least. 

  So finally we get to the room and low & behold- there's noone in there. So we sit down, finishing off his uncle's Coors lite and XXX & reading about the battle of Ball's Falls or some shit in Richmond, Virginia. However, he failed to mention that 1 bottle of XXX was equivalent to 2 bottles of any other beer. So...needless to say, we were having some difficulty standing. So we're all like chillin out there, and then basicly his entire family, including the fucking 60 yr old,crippled pothead, walk in to the room. And instead of being pissed, theyre all like "Yeahhhhh all smoked out and drunk, thats what i like to see! MMMMhmmm!" So were like "ok. Time to go." so we decide we're gonna walk back to Bally's, where we were staying, and check that Christina's mom was still @ the casino and then go up to the room & get some complimentary room service.

  So we get there, check the room & just our luck - empty. We get in there, order the food, and relax. However, in the time between then & when the food actually arrived, this random dude from fucking Texas removed his shirt, got in her mother's bed, and attempted to take a NAP. Then, chased us around, tickling us, trying to remove our clothing & take pictures of us. It was...interesting, but creepy to say the least. So the food gets there, and we eat . and now it's like...1am. So we're watching Frasier, this dudes still half naked in the mother's boudoir, and we somehow forgot that at SOME point, her mom was going to make an appearance. So....we hop in next to him, innocently, and we're all just watching TV. Then...*knock-knock*...Yeah. Her mother's back. ....SHIT.

  We basicly, almost literally, grab this kid and SHOVE him in the closet in a matter of about 2.3 seconds and open the door for her mom. Then we're trying to act all calm and stuff, and she comes in and notices that EVERYTHING is off one of the beds (From the tickle struggle). So shes like "....wtFUCK happened in here????" and were like "Hm? What? Ohh. That. .....Pillow fight. Haha." and shes like ".....so um, whose wallet is this??" And Christinas like "Oh, that's emily's." and we're thinking "SHIT. His shirt and shoes are RIGHT there." And just when it couldnt get any worse, his PHONE goes off from behind the bed and it was obvious it wasnt mine or Christina's. So we're just PRAYING to god that her mom's going to just get some more money and go back down to the casino or something. But...

  NOPE. Clearly too much to hope for. She gets in BED and turns the LIGHTS out. So.....there we are. Sitting in bed. Half-naked Texas dude in the closet. With basicly no way out of the room. So we're like "WE...are screwed." THEN..her mom gets up to go to the bathroom, so we're all like "**THIS IS OUR ONLY HOPE.**" So we GRAB the fuck out of his shirt & shoes, SEIZE him out of the closet, shout "WE'RE GETTING ICE FROM THE MACHINE!" and THROW ourselves, yes, all THREE of us...out the door. & RUN down the hall. 

  So at this point we're pretty much obviously done for because Dan said something when we took him out of the closet and it was just easy to hear EVERYTHING from out in the hallway, let alone from just inside the bathroom, which, if i didnt already mention - is RIGHT in the middle of the closet and the doorway. 

  So we're down the hall with this Daniel Alyxandor character, and he notices the wallet is still in the room so we're like SHIT. So he convinces us to go back and get it. So we go back in, and ask to go to Starbucks. & her moms all like "Not with the way YOU two are acting. Damn. No, go in the morning." so we're like .."shit. ok we're stuck now." but then we realize we never really GOT ice...so we're like "Oh ok we're just gonna go get some more ice then. Mhm." So we take the wallet, and the ice bucket this time, and get back out in the hall to where he is. We give him the wallet, but then we end up discussing shit at the ice machine for like 20 mins, the end of which we told him that we were NOT going to meet him on the boardwalk and he got kind of frustrated and walked away. But he just HAPPENED to walk RIGHT in front of our door, and we followed a few mins after him, and we caught a glimpse of her mom going back in the room and Dan mouthing "She saw me."

  So we go back in the room, and I'm like "haha, we just met some kid from Texas at the ice machine" and instead of buying it, she goes "Yeah. I saw the jackass." So again, we're like "...shit." So we go to bed, wake up to meet him at the gazebo at 7am, but he wasnt there. It was just some really fuckin scary homeless guy. So we left, and checked out at 12 and came back to LBI. And THAT....was our Little-Big Piece of Texas.

The End. <3

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Monday, January 30th, 2006

Time:11:59 am.
Mood: accomplished.
i just managed to get in to lj on this computer. fuck the system!!! ahahahaahhahhha!!!
ok no. just had to share that.
bye :o)
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Sunday, July 31st, 2005

Subject:Stolen from the Pimp lol
Time:9:30 pm.
Mood: complacent.
x=yes, /=kinda
[x]been drunk
[x]smoked pot
[x]kissed a member of the opposite sex
[x]rode in a taxi
[/]been dumped
[/]been fired (lol)
[x]had a job
[/]been in a fist fight
[x]snuck out of your parents house
[/]been arrested
[ ]stole something from your job
[ ]celebrated new years in times square
[ ]went on a blind date
[x]smoked a cigarette
[ ]gone on an airplane by yourself
[x]broken a bone
[/]had sex in a car (lol, seriously, don't ask.)
[x]white lied to a friend
[x]went swimming in your bathtub
[x]had a crush on a teacher
[ ]celebrated mardi gras in new orleans
[ ]been to europe
[ ]made out in a movie theater
[x]taken caffeine pills
[ ]been to disney world
[x]had a crush on someone you hardly knew
[ ]been to california
[x]been skinny dipping
[x]regretted something
[ ]peed on someones lawn
[x]skipped school
[ ]thrown up from drinking
[ ]lost your sibling
[x]kissed a member of the same sex (nothing wrong with it, but no i'm not gay.)
[x]been in a car accident
[ ]partied for days and days straight
[x]had a family member die
[x]played 'clue'
[x]had a sleepover
[x]went ice skating
[x]dropped x
[/]been cheated on
[x]had a boyfriend/girlfriend
[/]had a threesome (once again, don't ask)
[ ]had a sweet sixteen
[ ]had a car

[x]have a bf
[ ]have a gf
[ ]have a crush
[x]have a cat
[x]have your own room
[x]listen to rap
[x]paint your nails
[x]play a sport
[x]play more than one sport
[x]watch sports on tv
[x]have a fav group/singer/artist
[x]have more than 1 best friend
[/]get good grades
[x]play an instrument
[x]have slippers
[ ]wear boxers
[x]wear black eyeliner
[/]like the color blue
[x]like the color yellow
[x]like to read
[x]like to write
[x]have long hair
[ ]have short hair
[x]have a cell phone
[ ]have a laptop
[ ]have a pager
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Sunday, April 17th, 2005

Subject:Yeah well..
Time:11:24 am.
I kind of forgot about this again.
So nothing major has happened. Except for the fact that it's almost summer. Ah.
Mildred and Nar (& Brian) came yesterday and we finally got to go to Coldstone's with them. lol "I DONT LOVE IT ANYMORE!!!" Great day, except they had to go home early. So fuck that
But right now, if you care at all, watch this WHOLE thing. :


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Monday, March 14th, 2005

Subject:oh bless my toaddd stools
Time:9:40 pm.
Mood: sleepy.
I started this thing again because the Mild-er-ed thought I should. So here I am. Bitch.
I've been pointlessly obsessing over Gaia lately, even though I promised I wouldn't keep doing it.
Had a quite interesting past few nights, and I've gotta go to traffic court tomorrow. And Mr.NV. That should be interesting. Didn't get to go last year cause I had a fever. I remember that night..

Ever walk or run or whatever, and wherever, just because you wanted to run? Like....free. No matter how corny that sounds? And blast music and sit on the train tracks for a half hour, thinking. Or not thinking at all. Either way, it makes for a great night sometimes.

Welll now that that's done, I'm gonna go shower and "hit the sack" as Mildred once fucked up. :] Goodnight, all. <3
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Monday, January 17th, 2005

Time:10:21 pm.
Mood: sleepy.

Well I'd have to say it's been a considerable amount of time since I've even come within 20 feet of thinking about updating this piece of shit, but now that I remember it exists, maybe I'll keep up with it, too.

Today blew just a little bit, but we made a cookie pie to cover for it. The cat scratched me, nd it sucked, but then I squirted her with the champagne at dinner, so I felt better, but then she stole my turkey. That beast. Love her anyway

Mildred saw my site, I think she knows how much it should be burned, but she's keeping her boca closed. :) I find it really funny when you blast your music so loud the people next to you can feel it vibrate, but then I realized I might blow my fuckin ear off. So I stopped. Took lots of pictures of the cat today. I've been obsessed with her cracked-outness lately, but I think she's laying off the drugs for a while. Bought her a twenty of catnip the other day. She pounced on it like a wildabeast in heat.

Had some discussions about "sucking penis" and vaginal secretions today. Quite educational. Time to go spend some time with the lonely guitar. night, all



VAGINA. I knew you'd read that you fucking filthy animal. You know I'm just joking you silly goose, you; you've just proved you're attracted to big words written in a brightly colored fashion. Absolutely charming, darling, I say marrrvelous

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Friday, November 26th, 2004

Time:1:41 pm.
Mood: blank.
Mildred and Narry. On the phone. Can't go this weekend. Pissed at my dad. Doesn't happen often. I WILL go anyway. I WILL get my ass kicked. and this weekend will not go to waste. tonight better be eventful. think we'll make sure of that. Back at'cha later..

By the way - Want coffee? be downtown tonight :)
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Thursday, September 16th, 2004

Time:10:08 am.
Mood: confused.
I woke up at 6 to make waffles.
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Wednesday, September 15th, 2004

Time:5:26 pm.
Mood: blank.

Ohh Yeah

Created by WhisperItTwice and taken 3 times on bzoink!

Let's start it off...
What do you like to be called?anything
Penis, vagina, or both?vagina
Gay, straight, or bi?straight
How long have you been breathing?15 yrs
Where do you sleep most of the time?demarest
Shoe size?8
Eye color?blue
Hair color?blonde brown red
Do you have..
Flesh tunnels?nope
A big ass?ahahah
A job?kinda
Pants on?yup
Scars on your knees?yup
A bird?yup
Tofu in your refrigerator?nope
A refrigerator in your room?sadly no
Safe sex?yup
A sandbox?yup
More than 15 pairs of shoes?nope
A happy ending?who knows
Have you ever..
Had sex?yup
Drank an(y) alcoholic beverage(s)?yup
Gone out to a diner at 1am randomly?yup
Done drugs?yup
Loved something and let it go?yup
Lied to a close friend?yup
Thought about suicide?yup
Cried yourself to sleep?yup
..over someone?yup
Prayed for someone who needed it?yup
Taken a night walk?yup
Laid down in the middle of a field for no reason?yup
Thought about how much you loved something before you lost it?yup
Written a song?yup
Ran down the street aimlessly?yup
Bought a shirt to hang on your wall?yup
Worn socks on other places than your feet?yup
Lied to your family?yup
..and felt bad about it?yup
Laughed so hard you fell over?yup
Screamed out over the ocean?nope
..what did you (would you) say?YEAHH!!!
Together with someone?not at the moment
Ever hookup or w/e in random places?yup
In the rain?yea
In the snow?yea
Think you've ever been in love?yup
Think you'll ever forget?no
How old were you when it started?7
Were you changed?definitely
For the better?1/2
For the worse?1/2
Have they changed?definitely
Did you ever "go out"?yup
Did you break up?yup
Do you miss him/her?yup
Do you still talk?yup
Do you wish things happened differently?no
Are you..
Shy?not alot
Loud?when i want to be
A liar?if i have to
Conceited?i hope not
Laid back?yup
In love?...
Trustworthy?i hope so
Reasonable?i think so
A bitch?if i have to be
Perfect?definitely not
Tired?at the moment
Stressed out?no
Cracked out?ahahah
Fucked up?lol
Cold/Hotcold nights/hot showers
Fast/Slowfast cars/slow days
Love/Sexlove but both
Fat/Thinphat, yo.
Hard/SoftAHHHA soft Mr.Snuggles.
Sweet/Soursweet stuff & sour pickles
Chicken/Beefchicken, but i love steak :(
Boxers/Briefsboxers please
How High/Half Bakedhow high
Socks/No Sockssocks
Half Full/Half Emptyhalf full
Rap/Rockcant decide on that one
To wrap it up..
Why did you do this?to test it out
Why did I make this?i was sick and bored
Do you care?who knows
Do I care?no

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Time:3:41 pm.
Mood: hungry.
Woke up and felt like I was gonna pass out this morning, so I didn't go to school. Just gonna kick back and play a little for the rest of the night. Gimme a call if you want. 784 8530 // 519 4585 ♥

//summer dies and swells rise
the sun goes down in your eyes\\
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Tuesday, September 14th, 2004

Time:4:09 pm.
Mood: sick.
Dori and I went to school at like 830, talked to Brian before that and told him to go to school. I felt like shit all day, but Dizzle made it better cause this shit happened and then this other shit, but then this better shit. :) Met Emily Cheer for the first time since church 3 yrs ago- turns out she's a frosh. Couldn't find Kristin to tell her she gave me her cold..And then I go to the bathroom to get a fucking tissue, and they're ALL LOCKED. WTF. But yeah, I'm gonna go get some stuff out of the way and relax. 519 4585
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Monday, September 13th, 2004

Time:4:53 pm.
Mood: relaxed.

Ehh school was the same. Gotta love Italian. I saw some kid fall down the stairs though. Felt really bad for him. :(  Some people have changed so much this year, and some people can't take a hint. (Krrap, lol)

It makes me sad to see how much people can pretend to forget, but..moving on. It's what happens. I don't think moving on means you forget, it just means you accept what happened and get on with it, even though you'll probably never forget. And you shouldn't.



i want food.  been neglecting the guitar. chillaxxxin in the room. lol 519 4585

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Sunday, September 12th, 2004

Time:9:27 pm.
Mood: drained.
Long weekend. I'm kinda out of it. Should be an interesting week. Gonna go chill upstairs. I need to lay back and do nothing for a while. Call if you want. 519 4585
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Friday, September 10th, 2004

Time:5:18 pm.
Mood: relaxed.
I hear a helicopter. - anyway, today was alright. paid crimmins a dollar to do cheerleading with us, but he wouldn't. mike gave some halfass GIMME A C! crap, and no one else would even consider it. but that's cause it's JV. so whatever. no one goes to the games apparently. really not looking forward to it.

Gotta go to Oma's for the weekend, so call me there. I'm gonna be bored shitless and my aunt is going to kill me. 498 0877 xo Bullshit.
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Thursday, September 9th, 2004

Time:7:53 pm.
Mood: cold.
Pretty normal day at school, the usual- stefanie's hooker outfit & loong classes. Then Megan talked me and a few other people into going to the cheerleading meeting at lunch tomorrow or some shit. Then I was spending some time with the Dizzlefoshizzle after school, then I went home, megan and christina turned up on my front lawn & i ate Chinese food for breakfast at 6pm. Now I'm gonna go take a shower and relax and listen to something. Play some guitar. Love you, bye
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Wednesday, September 8th, 2004

Time:8:17 pm.
Mood: crushed.

It's gonna suck this year, but I know a few people who are gonna make hell amazing no matter what happens. And a few people are right, maybe I'm not happy and okay, but atleast I'm pretty sure how I feel. Just realizing you care about someone you hardly even know is a pretty strange feeling, and knowing they don't know you exist feels even worse.

LoStInYoUrWorLdD: ur never as happy as u seem

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